Violence case concerning two Manipur women: See “what the supreme court said”

When a video of community members coercing two women into being naked appeared on social media on May 4th, tensions in Manipur’s scenic highlands grew.

When speaking about her terrifying ordeal, the survivor from Ukhrul said, “When I resisted, they threatened to injure me if I didn’t strip. I finally complied to save myself, at which point some men slapped and struck me.

Following the incident, police from the Thoubal area detained the primary suspect, Heradas (32). Biren Singh, the chief minister, has pledged to take tough action against the offenders.

Prime Minister Modi said, “The incident in Manipur with the two girls can never be forgiven,” in reference to the horrible act. The offenders won’t get off easy. The safety of women is a political problem that transcends all others, whether in Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, or Manipur.

Supreme Court says:

The video depicting violence in Manipur and two women being forced naked has been brought to the Supreme Court’s attention, breaking its silence. The act, according to the prime minister, was “shameful for any civilized society.”

On Wednesday, a video of two Kokomi-Zomi community women being harassed and stripped by members of a male-dominated mob in Manipur was posted on social media. According to the videos, which is allegedly two months old, the males sexually abused the victims while they were nude. The age of one of the victims was 19.

Authorities are devoted to ensuring justice for the survivors and setting an example for the safety and dignity of women across the nation as a result of the upsetting tragedy, which has caused indignation on a national scale.

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