Neuralink-Elon musk

Neuralink technology could initially target people who are suffering from paralysis: Expert

Neuralink-Elon musk

What is Neuralink Device?

Regaining motor, sensory, and visual functions as well as curing neurological diseases are among its future objectives. “By establishing a direct interface between the human brain and digital devices, a Neuralink-like device has the potential to enhance human memory, processing speed, and cognitive abilities,” said Alcaide.

Is Neurolink the Brain-Machine Interface of the Future?

The neurointerface developed by Neuralink-Elon musk has the potential to significantly advance the field of brain-machine interfaces for both therapeutic and research purposes in the future. Invasive interfaces could let people with disabilities interact with others and operate external equipment.


The first person to receive an implant from the brain-chip startup is recovering well, according to billionaire Elon Musk, the founder of Neuralink, a neurotechnology company. The patient is showing signs of “promising neuron spike detection,” according to Musk.


The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had granted the business permission in September to conduct the implant’s first human study, thus the surgery is not shocking.

One day after the chip was inserted, on Monday, Musk wrote on X, “First results indicate promising neuron spike detection.”

Spikes are activity by neurons, which the National Institute of Health describes as cells that use electrical and chemical signals to send inform In follow-up tweets sent in between arguing about playing computer games and teasing influencers on the far right, The businessman said that Telepathy was the first Neuralink product.

  • “It permits command over your computer or phone, and via them practically any gadget, simply by thinking,” he stated. Those who are limb-loss victims will be the first users. What if Stephen Hawking was able to communicate more quickly than an auctioneer or speed typist?That is the goal.”
  • “For the brain-computer interface community, we must place this news in the context that while there are many companies working on exciting products, there are only a few other companies who have implanted their devices in humans, so Neuralink has joined a rather small group,” she added.
  • “I expect Neuralink will want to give the participant time to recover before they start training their system with the participant. We know Elon Musk is very adept at generating publicity for his company, so we may expect announcements as soon as they begin testing, although true success in my mind should be evaluated in the long-term, by how stable the interface is over time, and how much it benefits the participant.”

Neuralink received FDA clearance last year for its first trial to test the company’s implant in humans, a critical milestone for the startup. Reuters reported in June that the company was valued as high as $5bn, based on private stock trades.

Neuralink announced the implant trial in September. The company said during the study a robot developed by the company would surgically place the implants’ “ultra-fine” threads that helped transmit signals in participants’ brains.


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