Haryana Nuh Incident

Haryana Nuh Voilence: Participation of cow vigilante and Bajrang Dal member Monu Manesar in racial conflicts

Violence in Mewat Nuh, Haryana: Monu Manesar, a member of the Bajrang Dal, is at the core of racial violence that broke out during a Vishva Hindu Parishad march on Monday, leaving two house guards dead and more than 15 people injured, including numerous police officers.

All schools, colleges, and educational institutions in Gurugram and Faridabad will be closed on Tuesday as a result of the fighting, according to district authorities there. Additionally, mobile internet access has been disabled until August 2.

According to some accounts, Monu Manesar, a cow vigilante who had previously been arrested for the february murder of two Muslim males whose burned bodies were discovered in the Bhiwani area, was meant to participate in the parade.

On the recommendation of the VHP, who was concerned that his participation would exacerbate tension, he chose not to take part. On Twitter, there were also threats that dared him to visit Nuh.

Monu Manesar: Who is he?

1) In Rajasthan’s Bharatpur, Monu Manesar is accused of killing Junaid and Nasir, two suspected cow traffickers, after taking them hostage. #ArrestMonuManesar was a trending topic on Twitter in June of this year.

Monu Manesar, a member of the Bajrang Dal who was charged with the murder of two Muslim men in Bhiwani in February, is at the center of the Nuh racial violence that erupted on Monday during a religious procession.

2) The group Bajrang Dal, however, denied the allegations that two cousins, Junaid and Nasir, were killed. Monu Manesar participates actively in the Bajrang Dal.

3) Over the past five years, Monu has become well-known as a key player in the Gurgaon-based cow protection task force set up by the Haryana government. According to reports, He also goes by the name Mohit Yadav.

4) With his prominent appearance and involvement in defending the rights of cows, Monu Manesar has established himself as a familiar figure within this project and attracted attention for his commitment to the cause.

5) According to a Hindustan Times report, Monu also obtained a silver play button from YouTube in October for reaching one lakh followers on his channel; however, the channel appears to have vanished since then.


After a violent event on August 1 resulted in the unfortunate deaths of two house guards and the injury of several more, a curfew was imposed in Haryana’s Nuh district. An effort to stop a Vishva Hindu Parishad parade was what started the violence.

To control the situation and protect the safety of the locals and officials, Haryana Home Minister Anil Vij declared the enforcement of the curfew in Nuh district. To avoid a further escalation of the violence and to preserve peace and order in the area, the curfew restrictions were implemented.


What took place in Nuh?

A violent altercation that took place on July 31st evening resulted in the deaths of two homeguards and the injury of over 50 people, including police officers.

The violence started when a group of miscreants attacked, throwing rocks and setting cars on fire during the “Brij Mandal Jalabhishek Yatra,” a sacred parade.

Haryana Nuh Voilence: Participation of cow vigilante and Bajrang Dal member Monu Manesar in racial conflicts

This procession, which BJP district president Gargi Kakkar led from Gurugram’s Civil Lines, ran into opposition when it was stopped by a gang of men near Khedla Mod in Nuh.

Authorities promptly issued prohibitory orders to limit public gatherings in the Nuh and Gurugram areas in reaction to the rising tensions.

In order to maintain calm and keep control of the situation, mobile internet services have also been momentarily suspended in Nuh and Faridabad till August 2.

In Nuh, the situation is still tense. On August 1, PTI reported, there were no new reports of violence. According to officials, security has been stepped up in Nuh and other places.

Manohar Lal Khattar, the chief minister of Haryana, promised “strictest action” against those in charge of the incident on Monday Haryana Nuh Voilence.

The Haryana chief minister called the incident “unfortunate” and urged everyone to keep the peace in the state. The guilty would not be spared at any cost, he continued, and the harshest measures would be used against them.


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